How many images do we get on the USB Drive? Would I be able to make prints from them?

On average, there will be 400-600 carefully selected and enhanced print-ready photos from your session that will be given on a USB drive. The images are unmarked, so you'll be able to make as many prints as you want - up to 8" x 12"!

Are the photos given to me retouched?

Yes, we retouch the images for that extra "wow" factor, and to enhance what is already there. That being said, my philosophy on photography is to perfect the image as it's being taken on camera, so not a lot of retouching is required. We do, however, want to ensure that your images are perfect - so we develop them one by one by colour correcting them, enhancing exposures, saturations and skin tones. On the albums, the images will be retouched in detail - after all, we want your images to look their absolute best.

What kind of albums do you offer?

We offer premium-quality wedding albums that are specifically customized to your preferences. The albums are produced in Italy, and you have a vast choice of materials and papers to choose from. We would be happy to show you our albums, and give you a briefing in person!

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What is your photography style?

strive to capture moments and subjects in unique and original ways. To talk in terms of “styles”, I would say mine is a mix of a photo-journalistic style with a twist of fashion, fine art and humour. I believe that wedding photography is about capturing the story of your love, which can only truly be done when it's non-intrusive. However, I am always happy to take image requests – and actually encourage them – since my aim is to capture the images that you want and in a manner you are comfortable with. Our engagement session is a great opportunity to make creative and fun images, and get to know each other.

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How many photographers will be at my wedding? Will you be there?

Yes. I will most definitely be there. It's very important for me to be able to capture who you are and the essence of your relationship, and in order for that to happen, I have to be there. I will always have an assistant photographer with me. This will allow me to cover multiple perspectives from the day. For example, while I am capturing the bride in makeup, my assistant photographer will be covering family members and family portraits that might otherwise be missed. Having two photographers also allows me to use a wide range of creative lighting techniques, and is also the only way where we can have both a photobooth and same-day-slideshow on the same night at the reception hall. I only work with a select few photographers though, so never fear. I assure you, you will have the best of the best.

How long does it take to receive my USB Drive and the albums? I heard it can take up to a year after a wedding.

We make it a priority to have your wedding images ready as soon as possible, and my aim is to have one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. In 3-4 weeks, you will have access to an online gallery, and the thank you cards will be ready to be sent out. Once the album design is onfirmed by you, it will take 6-8 weeks for you to receive it.

What’s an Engagement session? Should I do this?

You should definitely do it! The engagement session allows for you to get comfortable with the camera before the wedding, and allows us to get to know each other a little better. More importantly, it is a great opportunity for us to make creative and fun images in a casual non-intrusive setting. We can do it at a location of your choice, and you can wear whatever you want!

I am not photogenic and I have slight anxiety on what to do in front of a camera? Is there anything I should prepare for?

Don't worry, my girlfriend is also anxious in front of a camera, and I am a photographer! I assure you, I will not make you feel awkward and uncomfortable infront of a camera. Just be yourself! I have experience with professional photography, and have, in the past worked with many models. If after a while, you find that you are too uncomfortable, I can direct you. There's absolutely no need to prepare for anything! Just have fun.

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Should I “Revive my dress”? Will it get ruined?

Absolutely! The Revive the Dress session is loads of fun, and who doesn't want to wear their wedding dress for a second time! The dress will not necessarily get ruined, but that's entirely up to you!

Do you travel for weddings?

Definitely! Our services are worldwide. We've travelled around the world, extensively, and we love it!

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What kind of equipment to you use?

I shoot with both professional Sony and Canon Digital Photography equipment. I always have backup equipment and lenses to ensure that I am ready for anything, and any situation.


We are happy to answer questions you may have – either in person, or over the phone. We are opened Monday to Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM. Please fill out the form below and help us get to know you better!

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