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You asked, and we heard you... We are pleased to offer you wedding videography!

Cinematography speaks to everything that women do inherently well; It's multitasking, it's empathy, and it's channeling visuals into human emotion.

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The Videographer

Danylo and Alex have a close friendship, and now, they are taking their friendship to the next level by bringing wedding cinematography to you! Their seamless flow, dedication and playful nature, will leave you feeling assured that your wedding video will fully capture every emotion of your beautiful day.

Alexandre has more than 12 years of experience in videography, and more than 5 years of experience in post-production in television. His vast knowledge and experience in film and audio, has rendered him a one-of-a-kind in his field. He's sure to capture the essentials of your day, and transpose it into a cinematographic experience.

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