How to rock your casual engagement photo session?

We’re giving you all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your engagement photoshoot with Danylo Bobyk Photography.

How often do you catch yourself thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to spend a day just smiling with my one and only”? We’re pretty sure that it’s more often than we think. Anyway, this article is for you and only you. We’re giving you all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your engagement photoshoot!


A Loving Mood…

It’s all about the vibe. The most important tip that we have for you today is about your emotions. How you feel right before the photoshoot session. These feelings can actually be anything; they go from your brain to your stomach.


How to schedule your day?

Let’s say you schedule something right before your photoshoot, bad idea. What if it goes totally not according to plan and you end up stressed because the photoshoot is in an hour and you’re most likely going to be late? You don’t want to risk it. That’s why Danylo advises you to not schedule anything on the day of your casual shoot. We can give you the same argument about rescheduling an appointment; it’s definitely not the best thing to do right before your photoshoot. If, for whatever reason, the rescheduling goes bad, it will put you in a horrible mood and it will ruin your romantic date infront of the camera…and we definitely don’t want that. On that day, it’s just about your lover and you having fun, hanging out and enjoying life!

Another thing you don’t want is to be hungry. Oh my what a horrible feeling it is to be hungry. You get cranky and even sometimes, hangry. Imagine if you’re hungry and at the same time you got into an argument with the florist. Have a decent meal before and if you don’t want to eat too much, a nutritious snack is a great alternative. We never know, a little snack goes a long way. Especially when it comes to that magical moment with your partner.

The whole point of all this is just to tell you that to be in a loving mood and have an amazing time with your partner in crime, you need to be in the best of moods. The bigger point, if you will, is that this engagement photoshoot (or pre-wedding shoot or casual if you prefer it that way) is to have a lovely date with your future plus one AND NOTHING ELSE. No phones, no social media, no schedule restrictions, just you two being together and enjoying the present moment.


A Comfortable Attire

You know how sometimes you wear clothes for the entire day and at the end of it you desperately want to get out of them. That’s exactly why you’re getting ahead and reading about what you should be wearing for your casual photoshoot. Trust us when we say that you want to be as comfortable as possible for your photoshoot. Your pictures will come out to be amazing if your comfort zone is on point. It seems like a very easy thing to say, but honestly, you’ll thank us later.

So what is this comfort zone that is so important for your special day? Well it starts with the right shoes. It’s always about shoes… Wear comfy shoes! We’re going to be walking from spot to spot and you don’t want to be walking in uncomfortable shoes. Most often than not, the shoes you look really good in are not always the most comfy ones. Not only does this tip work for shoes, it also works for every other part of the attire! Just keep it in mind when you get ready for your special day.

Makeup & Hair – Try them out!

Ladies! If there is one thing that could work the same day as the photoshoot, it’s makeup and hair. Call up your makeup artist and your hairstylist to be ready for your pictures and try out what you planned for your wedding day, by all means, you’ll be able to test it out and see if you’re actually happy with it.

However, always keep in mind (and when we say always, we mean ALWAYS) that the more comfortable you are for your photoshoot, the happier you will be during the day!


The Perfect Location

When it comes to location, all everybody really wants is the perfect engagement session location. The quick tip that we give you through this article is this; even though the most important is your mood and how comfy you and your partner are, location still has its stakes in your casual photoshoot session. You can read all about the perfect location, by reading “how to spice up your engagement session with your location choice”.

Overall, here’s how it’s going to work. Before your photoshoot, make sure your mood is positive at 150% and that you have nothing else planned other than your photoshoot. The next thing is to be comfortable, and of course the location needs to be ideal. Now that you’re a pro at this, we’ll see you on your casual shoot and we’re already excited to see the pictures!

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